Anil Vermaa

The mobile number has become the ‘Shadow’ of the person. Are you also one of those people who take their phones in their hands the first thing in the morning? Or are you one of those who carry it with you everywhere, even if it’s the bathroom? From being the one-stop solution for our biggest problems to providing us with the simplest solutions for even minor problems, mobile phones have become such an integral part of our life that having a mobile phone has become an essential part of life, just like oxygen!

Even if the person we’re connecting with is sitting just opposite to us or at the opposite end of the world, mobile phones have proved to be the most effective tool for doing so. They have not only let us stay connected with geographically distant people but have also helped us to convey our thoughts to the one sitting exactly opposite to us, in awkward situations. Be it to break the ice during an awkward conversation or for shopping groceries and other stuff, everyone is stuck to their mobile phones for at least a while, daily.

Even if one avoids using their phones for this purpose, almost everyone of us uses it at least for paying someone for their services or products, either through mobile banking or other payment applications. This in itself proves how essential and crucial a single gadget has become in our lives. We are, directly or indirectly, connected with our mobile phones, and hence mobile numbers, all the time.

Even then, do you have the slightest idea what the significance of choosing the right mobile number for yourself is or how does a mobile number affect you and your life? According to Zero Numerology, the mobile number should be in harmony with your Birth details, Name, and Life’s aspirations.