Anil Vermaa

Jupiter Transit 2021: A Ray of Hope !!

There are three main planets that impact yearly events; namely Jupiter, a planet that transits different houses every year; Rahu every 18 months; and Saturn that transits every two and half years. These three transiting planets create opportunities/hindrances/challenges and illusions during any Dasha period and effectively drive people towards their destiny or purpose in life. On April 5th Jupiter will transit to Aquarius from Capricorn. From the offset, one can look like any yearly transit of Jupiter and can give generic predictions for each sign. That said, this transit should deserve a special mention. Jupiter is one of two most benefic planets in Astrology. Jupiter has been in the houses of Sagittarius and Capricorn for the past two years. While Sagittarius has been its own house, in spite of that, it was conjoined with Ketu most of the time during that year (2019).In 2020, and all the way till April 4th, Jupiter has been in the house of Capricorn where it is debilitated. The year 2020, was an unprecedented year and a once-in-a-generation phenomenon event. The world witnessed the Global Pandemic of Covid-19. Understanding and giving an explanation from an Astro perspective, we can say that Jupiter, which is also a karaka planet for Health & Prosperity got afflicted because of the presence of Ketu & aspected by Rahu. Further Ketu impact magnified and truly created a global pandemic. The impact has been devastating and the after effects have still been felt on every front. One of the biggest fallouts has been in the economy, one which has not been witnessed since the Great Depression in 1929 and World War 2. Jupiter in Capricorn is in debilitation. Jupiter is also the karaka planet for wisdom and wealth and in debilitation the sign has caused a lot of economic hardships and pain. The saving grace was Saturn, being in its own house of Capricorn, which is the 10th house from Kalpurush. Hence, it forced people to work hard and focus on their career or business to stay afloat and not distract on vagaries of expenditures. This April, Jupiter will be transiting to Aquarius, the 11th house, and the house of gains. This is where one can see a lot of economic gains and some good spiritual healing along the way. I predicted a couple of years ago that the economic activities around the world will go hayday and will be in major problems till April 2021 and the economy will change slowly beyond that time. One can refer to my earlier post for more clarifications or go to for further details. We can expect some good economic recovery and control on the further spread of Covid-19 and significant gains especially for those who have put hard yards during these tough times. Jupiter will go back to Capricorn from September 15 and stay till Nov 20th during which it is time for reflection and introspection. In general, this one year will be particularly good for most of the signs. Let us now go in details for each sign and see what is in store for each sign.