Anil Vermaa

Relevance of Lal Kitab in Present Age

There are various methods to determine time in Astrology. Each system of astrology has its own remedies and particular rules to perform them. We can reduce the malefic influence of planets through gemstones or performing yajnas, worshiping God, fasting and making donations etc as mentioned in Vedic astrology. Remedies of Vedic Astrology are mentioned in scriptures but they can not be performed by everyone as they demand knowledge and practice. Money and experienced saints or seers are also important to perform these remedies. Lal Kitab, which is one of the systems of astrology, also suggests some remedies to reduce the negative influence of planets. These remedies are simple and can be easily performed by anyone. These remedies are performed for 40 to 43 days or weeks. They do not require any experienced saint or any mantras for performing them. You can cure the ill-effects of planets simply by floating any item related to the malefic planet in running water for 40-43 days. Things to be floated need not be very expensive and can be afforded by everyone. This method is simple, cheap and is available to everyone in this present age. That is why it is very famous and popular. But one important thing to remember is that you have to perform these remedies for continuous 40-43 days and if you miss even one day then you have to start it again. These remedies of Lal Kitab are commonly called “Totke”. One of the great features of these Totkes is that there are no special rules except to be performed for continuous 40-43 days/weeks. Another reason for the popularity of this book of Lal Kitab is that there are no boundaries of language, caste and province. In this book, the planets formed due to the conjunction of other planets and having the influence of another planet are called artificial planets. If there is a malefic influence of any planet in the birth-chart of the person, then it can be cured through the remedies of artificial planets. These remedies can easily be performed by women also because maintaining purity is very important in Vedic Astrology otherwise the remedy is dissolved but this is not the case with Lal Kitab. Hence, as the remedies of Lal Kitab can be performed by everyone, whether he is a child, old person, adult or women, it increases its relevance and recognition. Thus, lal kitab is very useful in the present age.